1200+ Advocacy Letters Sent to Governor Brown

1200+ Advocacy Letters Sent to Governor Brown

liann 3The 1200+ advocacy letters in support of SB 391-The California Homes and Jobs Act, that United Way collected at HomeWalk 2013 were delivered this month to assembly members and will soon be sent to Governor Jerry Brown. Currently, SB 391 sits in Assembly Appropriations and needs the mobilization of California constituents to apply pressure on their local assembly members to get this act passed.  There has not been movement since August 2013, which means SB 391 advocates are working on a “6 Weeks of Action"  which includes getting petitions signed and calling, emailing and snail mailing your local assembly persons to let them know how much we want affordable homes and jobs in California.

The act, will impose a small $75 fee on real estate transactions (excluding home sales) and will help to generate upwards of $500 million dollars to help with our housing crisis in California. This funding stream will also generate 29,000 new jobs in the construction sector as well. More homes and jobs through the California Homes and Jobs Act means less tax payer dollars towards preventing and managing homelessness at a higher cost further down the road

Thank you to all 1200+ HomeWalkers who signed the letter in support of SB 391

Didn't get a chance to sign the advocacy letterSign this petition to make homes and jobs a priority in 2014

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