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On Tuesday night, United Way’s Emerging Leaders hosted its latest CEO Spotlight Event at The W Hotel in Westwood for more than 100 of Los Angeles’ best and brightest young professionals.

Employees representing major corporations including Target, SunAmerica, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and ExxonMobil gathered for an evening of networking as well as a fascinating roundtable discussion entitled, “Managing Through Change: Seizing Opportunities for Growth and Success in Challenging Times.”

Special guest Jay Wintrob, President and CEO of AIG Life and Retirement, spoke candidly about the pressures of being at the helm of a multi-billion dollar corporation and the importance of taking the occasional risk.

“Being a leader,” Wintrob said, “is both a privilege and a massive responsibility. And if you aren’t making any mistakes, at least once in a while, it means that you aren’t being aggressive enough, innovative enough or brave enough.”

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