CAN’T MISS NEWS: A round-up of the articles and videos we’re talking about (March 8, 2018)

CAN’T MISS NEWS: A round-up of the articles and videos we’re talking about (March 8, 2018)

Solving homelessness takes neighbors, not just money, L.A. leaders say
via KPCC

In a nutshell: "Voters in L.A. city and county passed a pair of ambitious measures last year to combat and solve homeless – Proposition HHH and Measure H. According to Elise Buik (President and CEO of United Way of Greater Los Angeles), Mayor Eric Garcetti, and Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, much progress is being made but we need everyone in to conquer the next steps."

Quote of note: "Securing the funding's the easy part. Now it's about convincing communities that this is everyone's responsibility. The quicker we can get to "yes" in a neighborhood, the quicker we can build something.”


Don't let NIMBYs — or weak-kneed politicians — stand in the way of homeless housing
via L.A. Times

In a nutshell: Supportive housing is our best bet for getting homeless people permanently off the streets.

Quote of note: "But the fact remains that housing must be built and residents who live nearby must come to understand that it is better to have people housed and treated than to have them living in tent encampments on the streets. And neighbors can be persuaded of that.”


Cassia and Mendocino Farms Collaborate on Feeding the Homeless
via L.A. Eater

In a nutshell: A specialty sandwich will be sold from March 12 to 25, with all proceeds going to support our homeless neighbors.

Quote of note: “From March 12 to 25, Mendocino is selling a specialty sandwich, with all proceeds going to The People Concern, an LA-based non-profit dedicated to helping those affected by homelessness, domestic violence victims, and the food insecure.”

California families are missing out on tax credit
via The Sacramento Bee

In a nutshell: Tax season is in full swing across California! But for millions of Californians, tax time provides a vital financial lifeline thanks to one of the most successful, but underused, anti-poverty programs – the federal Earned Income Tax Credit.

Quote of note: “The federal and state tax credits provide the largest cash payment many families will receive in a year – money that can go toward repaying debt, building savings or buying goods and services that support economic growth.”