4 Questions with Home For Good Partner, the Hollywood Community Housing Corporation

4 Questions with Home For Good Partner, the Hollywood Community Housing Corporation

St. Andrews was renovated by Hollywood Community Housing Corporation and now provides 16 homes for formerly homeless households living with disabilities.

1. What is Hollywood Community Housing Corporation's mission?

Hollywood Community Housing Corporation, a community-based non-profit corporation, preserves and expands the supply of affordable housing for lower income households, in Hollywood and nearby underserved communities of Los Angeles.  Through its housing development, economic development and neighborhood improvement initiatives, HCHC improves the quality of life for lower income households and fosters social advancement; respecting and preserving the history, culture and architecture of the communities we serve.

2. When did Hollywood Community Housing Corporation decide to move into the Permanent Supportive Housing field?

We have been providing Permanent Supportive Housing for 16 years now. Our St. Andrews Bungalow Court, completed in 1996, is a historic renovation of a rare Hollywood bungalow courtyard that was slated for demolition. Since its completion, St. Andrews has provided 16 homes for formerly homeless households living with disabilities. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has received numerous historic preservation awards and was featured as the location in the 2007 film, Alvin & the Chipmunks. Since St. Andrews opened, HCHC has developed a total of 168 units of housing for Special Needs households, with 112 of these units serving formerly homeless households. In addition, we have another 550 units serving low and very-low income households.

3. Does Hollywood Community Housing Corporation have any plans to expand its number of Permanent Supportive Housing units?

HCHC is developing two buildings that will provide an additional 68 units of Permanent Supportive Housing. These are both being created with Step Up On Second, which will provide services at the buildings. In addition, HCHC is in negotiation with another nonprofit organization for the purchase of a historic building to be converted to Permanent Supportive Housing.

4. If a movie was made about Hollywood Community Housing Corporation's work, what would the title be and why?

Breaking Ground, the Story of HCHC.  The year is 1990.  The Nelson Dunning House, a registered historic site, has degenerated to a rat-infested eyesore, unfit for habitation. Two years later, restored to its former glory, the Dunning House and its adjacent apartments raise property values throughout the neighborhood and become homes to 26 very low income households.  The action builds as 21 additional buildings over the next 22 years gather awards for design, construction and affordable housing delivery while providing safe, attractive homes to over 1,600 adults and children. HCHC becomes the first affordable housing developer in Los Angeles to partner with a for-profit corporation to develop a mixed-use building containing a “big box” tenant.  Meanwhile, HCHC develops a ground-breaking Supportive Service program that quickly attains the highest success rate among grantees of the Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles (HACLA) for housing stability among special needs clientele in permanent housing, leading HACLA to identify our supportive service match procedure as “stellar,” and to recommend HCHC as a model for developing a standardized procedure. HCHC moves ahead in its innovative approach to sustainability and program challenges, creating income-generating projects and developing partnerships that expand services for residents.

For more information about Hollywood Community Housing Corporation visit www.hollywoodhousing.org


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