Addressing homelessness in Brazil: Lessons learned from Home For Good

Addressing homelessness in Brazil: Lessons learned from Home For Good

Last year, the International Visitors Center sent a delegation from Brazil to United Way of Greater Los Angeles. Brazil has a large street population and the delegation was eager to learn about the innovative work that United Way is undertaking to address homelessness throughout Los Angeles County. Needless to say, the delegation spent a significant amount of time learning about Home For Good and the work that Home For Good Partners are spearheading to end chronic and veteran homelessness!

The delegation returned to Brazil, shared what they learned, and encouraged their colleagues to reach out to Home For Good and consider ways in which their work on homelessness could be modeled after the Home For Good Action Plan. Last week, Mario Sobrinho, a Public Attorney from Sao Paulo, Brazil, met with United Way’s Program Officer, Alisa Orduña, to discuss housing first and Home For Good’s engagement with the Los Angeles Business Community. In addition to explaining the 5 year Action Plan, Alisa took Mario on a tour of Home For Good Partners in the Skid Row area. Through visits with Lamp Community and Homeless Health Care, Mario was able to learn about the Housing First model and the ways in which providers are using Harm Reduction to address the challenges of working with individuals that suffer from drug addiction.

Home For Good Partners should know that their work is not only inspiring people locally, but also globally! Mario will be taking what he learned about Home For Good back to Brazil, with the hope of helping his country address homelessness more effectively.

Thank you to Alisa for helping spread the word about what we do and for showing that it is possible to house our homeless neighbors and create an efficient system to help those in need!



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