Amber Wilton

Dr. Amber Wilton teaches K­5th grade/Reading Intervention at 107th Street Elementary. 

Her student­centered approach transcends the traditional classroom by bridging the gap between home and school which fosters an optimal learning environment for all students.

Amber believes that literacy is a civil right and she passionately focuses on providing reading intervention to at risk youth. For Amber, her greatest accomplishment as an educator is working hand in hand with other teachers and parents. Ultimately, she plans to utilize her array of experiences and talents to transform urban education to ensure all students are supported with the necessary resources they need to achieve and become productive global citizens.

Amber completed her Masters in Education specialized in Curriculum Development and completed her doctoral studies in Urban Leadership from USC; she is also a National Board Certified Teacher and Common Core Fellow.

A parent at 107th Street Elementary had this to say:

“Dr Wilton has been at 107th for over ten years ­­ she always works to get outside resources for the students and parents. She always stay late. She helps students that no one else wants to work with and she is always patient and kind. Recently, she wrote a grant to get more library books and the school received over 1,000 new books. Even the library got a makeover with new furniture and a mural. She made sure all of the students that did not have backpacks and shoes got them. She also arranges workshops for the parents so they can help their children at home. My daughter was in her class and she made her love reading, math and science. Every child in the class became a published author. Dr. Wilton also taught the students to take responsibility for their own learning. Her students participate in student­led conferences where each explains their strength and weaknesses. It was so powerful to hear my third grade student discuss school in that way.”

Teachers work an average of ten hours per day and 52 hours per week. We believe that all teachers are an integral part of increasing the graduation rate across Los Angeles.


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