Augustin's Story

Augustin's Story

Despite his youth, 12-year-old Augustin is no stranger to adversity.

The soon-to-be seventh grader from San Pedro was struggling with poor grades, excessive bullying and a difficult family situation.

The combined stress of inadequate afterschool tutoring, being victimized by fellow students and caring for a sibling with a rare neurological disorder brought Augustin to the doorstep of a local United Way partner.

He now spends several hours each day at the San Pedro Middle School Center of the Boys & Girls Clubs, Los Angeles Harbor learning valuable life skills and creating a brighter future.

“My mom sent me here because she didn’t want me to end up as one of those criminals on TV robbing banks and hurting people,” he said. “The programs here build character; they teach us the difference between right and wrong and show us how important education is. This place is like my home and the staff is like my family.”

Motivated by leadership and career training programs such as “Passport to Manhood” and “College Bound,” he dreams of one day attending California State University, Dominguez Hills and becoming a defense attorney to fight for the rights of the innocent.

And thanks to improved grades and the Los Angeles Challenge Scholarship, Augustin is well on his way to realizing that dream.

“Our partnership with United Way means everything to us,” said College Bound Coordinator Brenda Villa. “It allows us to provide a safe and positive afterschool environment for our members where they’ll be educated on time management, financial literacy, professional etiquette and anything else they need to reach their full potential. We are extremely thankful to have United Way as a close friend and supporter.”


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