Bank of America Employees Become United Way Community Heroes

Bank of America Employees Become United Way Community Heroes

This morning, five dozen volunteers from Bank of America gathered at the United Way offices in downtown L.A. for a "Day of Caring" to benefit the residents of UWGLA partner Skid Row Housing Trust.

After hearing from SRHT's Executive Director, Mike Alvidrez, and two of its Trust Ambassadors as well as United Way President and CEO Elise Buik and B of A Market President Raul Anaya, the volunteers rolled up their sleeves and began carefully assembling more than 80 welcome home kits.

Each plastic storage bin was filled to the brim with move-in essentials like kitchenware, linens and decor, cleaning products, personal care items and anything else a formerly homeless individual would need to turn their new house into a home.

According to Alvidrez, the purpose of today's United Way volunteer event was two-fold.

"In addition to creating an opportunity for the average person to become directly engaged in the community, it also communicates to our residents that there are people out there who care about their welfare," he said. "It motivates them to change their lives and to care about themselves which is absolutely critical to our efforts."



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