Carolyn Fagan

Carolyn Fagan is in her tenth year at Hollywood High School, where she teaches 11th and 12th grade English in the New Media Academy.

 Committed to a fully inclusive student­centered approach in her English classes, Carolyn has worked for the past eight years with a Resource Specialist, to implement a co­teaching model.

Carolyn was also a member of a team of teachers who, under the guidance of the @Center for Powerful Public Schools, designed and implemented the interdisciplinary project­based model of the New Media Academy. Throughout her tenure at Hollywood High School, Carolyn served as a member of the School Site Council, Inter Coordinated Instructional Council, WASC Leadership Team, and facilitates a partnership grant with Los Angeles City College.

She holds a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College.

Instructional Specialist Valerie Olenick had this to say:

“Carolyn is an outstanding teacher. She is humble and hard working. The outcome of her efforts has changed the lives of hundreds of students. Carolyn has extensive knowledge of the teaching of English, yet she continues to take training and grow as an individual and a teacher. She has created a model curriculum that we are using to demonstrate success in the Linked Learning classroom. Carolyn goes to any length possible to help individual students prepare for their senior defense project. She utilizes community resources, applies innovative ideas and extends her hours well beyond a traditional work day.”


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