CES in Action: SRO Housing's Gateways Apartments

CES in Action: SRO Housing's Gateways Apartments

2013scanph_pic17With the close of the second 100 Days of work on the Coordinated Entry System (CES) in Skid Row, which piloted the program, and the recent launch of the first 100 Days for another 7 community teams, we wanted to shine a spotlight on a partner who recently brought the CES work into reality for over 80 formerly homeless individuals.

Home For Good partner, SRO Housing, recently opened the Gateways Apartments (5th and San Pedro) in the heart of the Skid Row community. With a long-standing commitment to permanent supportive housing and services, Gateways served as SRO Housing’s 29th housing project in Los Angeles. The project resulted in 108 new units of permanent supportive housing for those in need, and was highlighted by many sources including in a November LA Times article.

As part of the effort to identify and fill these vacancies, SRO Housing gracefully took on the challenge of dedicating 80 units to be filled through the Coordinated Entry System. Over eight days, volunteers and staff from various organizations interviewed more than 300 returning applicants, previously on the waitlist for the building. This allowed units to be assigned based on those with the highest acuity and greatest immediate need, and provided an opportunity for those who did not end up being placed at that location to be identified and assessed for future housing opportunities. This was the first, of many, housing developments that adopted CES into its process, with SRO Housing setting an amazing example for a community working hard to incorporate this coordinated effort!  

PatriciaThanks to SRO Housing's commitment to long-term change in the community and openness to incorporating CES this was a huge success; based not just on the numbers, but the stories of those housed. One individual assessed through CES and eventually housed in SRO Housing’s Gateways Apartments is Patricia. She was assessed through the CES tool called the VI-SPDAT and assisted with the housing process by her Housing Navigator. Due to her level of need and the overall fit with SRO’s housing unit type, Patricia was matched to one of the 80 vacancies in the new Gateways Apartments. After 11 years of homelessness, Patricia was overcome with emotion as she accepted the keys to her new apartment.


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