CES Update: Over 1700 and Counting!

CES Update: Over 1700 and Counting!

Just 60 days ago, 7 community teams join the original Skid Row pilot team in working to design a system to change the way homeless are identified, assessed and assisted across Los Angeles County. A system called the Coordinated Entry System.  

What is CES?

The Coordinate Entry System, better known as CES is an accessible and innovative program by which persons experiencing homelessness and organizations providing housing find each other in a systematic and efficient manner. CES helps navigate people through the housing system faster and helps prevent new entries into homelessness. It improves data collection and provides accurate information on what type of assistance clients may need.

The goal is to create a system that guarantees individuals experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County, rapid and accurate housing.

The Scale Up

After two pilot rounds in Skid Row, the effort was scaled up into 7 other communities with a three-day kick-off event in early November. The following communities have since been working to create outreach systems, identify resources and assess as many individuals as possible to incorporate into the system:

  • SPA 2 San Fernando Valley: North Hollywood and Sun Valley, Sylmar

  • SPA 3 San Gabriel Valley: Pasadena

  • SPA 4 Metro: Hollywood and East Hollywood

  • SPA 4 Metro: Skid Row

  • SPA 5 West: Santa Monica and Venice

  • SPA 6 South: Watts and Western South LA

  • SPA 7 East: 13 of 27 Gateway Cities COG

  • SPA 8 South Bay: Harbor City and San Pedro

Results So Far

As of early January, over 1700 surveys of the VI-SPDAT, the tool used to assess individuals and recommend the appropriate level of intervention, had been submitted through the CES system. Of those collected recently through the outreach efforts of the scale up communities, almost 35% were at the highest acuity levels leading to a recommendation for permanent supportive housing.

Though there are a total of eight teams on the ground level, there is one more team, the Systems team, which is working to clear barriers and maximize housing opportunities across the board. This team is working to orient new developers, encourage current providers to transition their waitlists, and identify funding and housing resources that can be folded into the CES System. At today’s meeting, two developers, A Community of Friends (ACOF) and LA Family Housing, shared about their current efforts to transition ALL of their current housing waitlists into the CES system in the next few months! An exciting promise that more and more developers are committing to, providing necessary vacancies for those in our system who are most in need.

The numbers are growing and the opportunities are expanding through CES.

We look forward to continuing to update you on the work of the CES teams and those that they are helping.  


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