Creating Pathways Out of Poverty Through International Cooperation

Creating Pathways Out of Poverty Through International Cooperation

On Thursday, a group of 24 delegates representing China's network of Poverty Alleviation and Development Offices visited United Way headquarters to learn more about its ongoing mission to improve the overall quality of life for the residents of L.A. County.

Policy directors hailing from over a dozen different rural provinces across the country gathered for a two-hour discussion on the creation of comprehensive programs designed to empower local families and promote economic prosperity.

UWGLA Chief Administrative Officer Maria Wiest presented attendees with an overview of:

  • The organization's role in a national movement which involves roughly 1,200 community-based chapters of United Way;

  • Its groundbreaking plan to help low-income families achieve long-term financial stability through job training and asset-building techniques; and

  • Potential strategies for cooperation between the U.S. and China aimed at boosting the social and economic development of marginalized groups.



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