Daily News: Los Angeles group home ordinance comes under fire

Daily News: Los Angeles group home ordinance comes under fire

Yesterday's Stop CCFO press conference was featured in today's Daily News. Here is what the newspaper had to say,

"A coalition of religious and community leaders joined housing advocates on Thursday in opposing a measure that would place strict regulations on boarding houses throughout the city.

Calling itself the STOP CCFO (Community Care Facilities Ordinance), the group began a lobbying campaign urging city officials to change or reject Councilman Mitch Englander's proposal.

"If this goes ahead as it is written, it will take us back to 1955 when redlining was the rule," and minorities were barred from living in certain neighborhoods, said Greg Spiegel, director of public policy of the Inner City Law Center. "

The article goes on to quote Jason Mandel of United Way who states,

"...the problems with the policy are seen by the different groups that oppose it.

"When the Central City Association, L.A. Chamber, AFL-CIO, homeless advocates, and 19 neighborhood councils are all on the same side of a policy battle, it says a lot about how flawed the policy is," Mandel said.

"By eliminating a significant chunk of affordable housing, the ordinance would force people onto the streets ... and would take housing away from veterans, the elderly who can't afford to live anywhere else and can't live independently and the disabled." "

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