Dana Brooks

Dana Carli Brooks is a National Board Certified teacher of history at East Valley High School where she also is Leadership Advisor.

 Dana graduated with a law degree in 1983 and left her law practice in 2006 to become a founding faculty member at East Valley High School where she teaches 10th grade World History and 12th grade Government.

Dana works in partnership with the UCLA Center X (tag @UclaCenterX) History­Geography project to improve history­social studies instruction.

Her goal is to provide rigorous educational opportunities as she believes a quality education is the best route for her students to improve not only their lives, but the lives of their families and their communities. A colleague had this to say about Dana:

“Students in her course continue to increase the passage rate on both AP World History and AP Government. She has created a classroom community where students feel heard and valued. She continues to listen to feedback from peers and challenge the status quo. As a school leader, she has designed and implemented a rigorous professional development program with the support of her peers. She is sure to involve parents by keeping lines of communication open.”

@UWGLA is proud to honor Dana Carli Brooks as a 2015 Inspirational Teacher. Tag your inspirational teacher and tell us why they inspire you. #TeachersWhoInspire


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