Eric Ennis

Eric Ennis teaches AP History and Government at John C. Fremont High School. 

Eric also created a Philosophy course in partnership with Banneker Special Education Center with lessons covering such topics as ethics and metaphysics, to help personalize many of the ethical dilemmas facing students and families with special needs.

Within the Fremont High School community, Eric serves in numerous leadership and mentorship roles: the History Department Chair, a member of the Instructional Leadership Team, and as a mentor teacher conducting school­wide professional developments. He is also a National Board Certified teacher and trainer, as well as an instructional coach and guiding teacher for multiple universities (including USC and Mount Saint Mary’s University).

Eric is currently collaborating on a book with a colleague on developing interdisciplinary lesson plans designed for the Common Core Standards. A colleague, Robert Vidana had this to say: “Eric Ennis is a teacher that works very hard to ensure student success in a difficult school and difficult community where there are a lot of barriers to achievement. Eric has become a teacher that serves as a foundation for other teachers to learn from and to grow from. Additionally, he is also a foundation for the students.

The students know that he is a difficult teacher, but that he cares about their success and will provide a lot of support to help them see their work through. There are many teachers that students would consider vital to their learning environment, Eric is one of the few that they know has the ability to have an impact beyond the learning environment.”


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