Fedora Schooler

Fedora Schooler teaches 6th grade and Yearbook at her alma mater, El Sereno Middle School for 15 years.

Fedora is currently the USC Neighborhood Academic Initiative (USC NAI) Lead­Teacher and is also part of the Academic English Mastery Program Team (AEMP) and Curriculum Assessment Team at El Sereno.

Last year, she had the honor of being a Guiding- Teacher to two students enrolled in the Teacher Education Program at UCLA. This year, she now calls one of them, a colleague who teaches 7th grade math and science.                                                 What Fedora is most proud of, is continually challenging herself to be a better teacher and challenging her students to reach beyond what they think is possible.

Principal Frances Gipson had this to say:

“Last year Fedora Schooler committed to supporting the school to launch the USC Neighborhood Academic Initiative. With this work we were able to identify traditionally underserved youth and organize efforts to set them on the path to college. These students will have their dreams actualized with a full scholarship to USC upon high school graduation. Parents and community members consistently praise her for going above and beyond to build networks of support that ensure that youth are challenged, engage in rigorous work, and develop a growth mindset. No task is too big or too small with her determination. She is a true teacher, and her name even proves it Mrs. SCHOOLer!


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