Four Questions with Don Knabe, District Supervisor

Four Questions with Don Knabe, District Supervisor

1.   Why did you sign on to Home For Good?

Homelessness is an issue I consider to be one of the most pressing in Los Angeles today.  It is very important to me when talking about any issue or challenge, that the conversation be focused on positive solutions, not just a continued restating of the problems.  I think that the solutions to homelessness in the Home for Good plan are grounded in practical experience and packaged in a way that everyone can understand.

The strategies put forth make a lot of sense to me, such as aligning current resources instead of just asking for “more,” and gathering timely, pertinent data on the homeless population.  I’m also especially proud to see Home for Good tackle the growing number of homeless veterans in our cities. But probably the most important aspect of the Home For Good plan is the drive to engage local communities in these issues, so we can all understand not only how tragic the problem is, but also how pervasive it truly is.  It’s not just Skid Row! 

2.   You have recently been advocating for Los Angeles County in Sacramento and Washington D.C.  What’s the value of visiting our state and federal elected officials? 

Los Angeles County is the ultimate safety net for thousands of people across our communities, and my colleagues and I see the impact of our decisions every day.  The legislators in DC and Sacramento make their decisions thousands of miles away, so it is important that they are continually reminded about what is happening here and the impact the decisions they make have on those who are most vulnerable and in most need of our assistance.

3.   What do you like the most about being a County Supervisor?

I can say without hesitation that the best part of my job has been seeing real improvements in the lives of my constituents. Having served as Supervisor for fifteen years, I’ve had the privilege of truly getting to know the people in my district.  Being able to make positive changes in peoples’ lives because of legislation I’ve supported or an issue I’ve advocated is extremely gratifying.  I am most proud of the Safe Surrender program, which has saved the lives of 86 infants, by providing mothers in a desperate situation the opportunity to make a better choice for their babies.

4.   What is your favorite Halloween costume?

An L.A. County Supervisor, of course! It is always one of the scariest costumes at a Halloween party! But truly, Halloween is now all about my four incredible grandchildren. They get such joy out of the holiday, and I love to share in that moment with them.


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