Four Things You Didn't Know About L.A. Supervisor, Zev Yaroslavsky

Four Things You Didn't Know About L.A. Supervisor, Zev Yaroslavsky

1. Why did you sign on to Home For Good?

The Home for Good plan advocates and endorses the "housing first" model for addressing chronic homelessness. This model has proven successful in communities throughout the country as a means to house the chronically homeless and provide them with the social services necessary to address the issues that rendered them homeless in the first place. Los Angeles County has moved in the direction of making permanent supportive housing the backbone of its homeless policy. Home For Good is a plan that mirrors what the county wants to do and where the county wants to go.

2. Why do you believe we can end chronic and Veteran homelessness in L.A. County by 2016?
Ending chronic homelessness in Los Angeles County by 2016 is an achievable goal. We are talking about providing permanent supportive housing to 12,500 persons over five years; that's 2,500 people a year. This can be done if the political will is there at the county and cities’ level.  Our county has endorsed the Home for Good Plan. We are prepared to partner with our cities, the federal government and the non-profit sector to house these most chronically homeless of our communities.  By intelligently leveraging our resources, both financial and human, we can house 2,500 persons a year and provide them with the necessary social services.

3. Tell us about Project 60 and how this partnership between non-profits, the County and the VA came to life.
It was an outgrowth of our Project 50 pilot, and the recognition that veterans comprise a significant percentage of our homeless population. My position has always been that these people answered their country’s call when they were needed, and that our country owes it to them to answer their calls for assistance. In addition, there is federal funding available for that purpose, so we can actually help our homeless veterans much more generously, and lift the burden on local taxpayers, by working closely with the VA to access those federal resources for better housing and a higher level of health care.

4. If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?
If somebody tried to make a movie about my life, it would be a sad day for Hollywood, for it would suggest they had run out of good material and scraping the bottom of the barrel. Having said that-----Danny Devito.



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