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The Los Angeles Magazine “Give LA Challenge” will award $15,000 to the organization raising the most money between now and January 3. Help us continue the great strides made throughout 2016 so we can raise enough funds to make 2017 the most impactful year ever for creating pathways out of poverty.


End homelessness in L.A.

The need is so great, but never has there been an even greater opportunity to truly end homelessness in Los Angeles County.

Building on the successful passage of Prop HHH and United Way’s fundraising at the 10th Annual HomeWalk, we have the opportunity to make 2017 the turning point year in ending homelessness in Los Angeles — but it all relies on how we finish 2016! Homelessness is not an “other people” issue, it affects every Angeleno. Consider: 1 in 5 Angelenos are just one paycheck away from homelessness and 1 out of every 217 people are homeless.

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Who We Help


Nearly 47,000 people are homeless in Los Angeles County. Almost 40% are women and children. It’s hard for many to believe, but there are more than 3,600 children under the age of 18 who are homeless throughout the county.

United Way helps break the cycle of poverty and homelessness through supportive educational programs for the county’s underserved youth.


3,000 veterans are homeless on the streets of Los Angeles County and 22% of veterans are unemployed. Through its systems and policy work, as well as by funding partners and programs, United Way has helped reduce veteran homelessness by 60% in Los Angeles County.

We are dedicated to serving all those who have done so much to serve us.

Your Neighbors

Since 2011, United Way’s Home For Good partners have housed more than 30,000 homeless men, women and children, including more than 16,000 veterans and more than 15,000 of the chronically homeless.

With help like yours, we have helped thousands of at-risk kids not only stay in school, but be set up for success in college - all thanks to your donations and efforts.

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