Guadalupe Bermudez


Meet Guadalupe Bermudez

United Way Inspirational Teacher

Guadalupe Bermudez teaches 9th grade Biology at her alma mater, Manual Arts High School in LA. Born and raised in South LA, Guadalupe is a product of the LA Unified School District and has always been passionate about giving back to her community. Guadalupe has been teaching for over 11 years as a Science teacher and co-sponsors student centered project such as the creation of the school garden and Earth Day celebrations.

An Instructional Specialist who has been working with Guadalupe for the last four years shared this: “Ms. Bermudez holds all her students to a high standard of excellence. She goes above and beyond for all students. She arrives early and is often one of the last teachers to leave our campus.  She looks for different ways to hook her students to science. She is an exceptional biology teacher who is passionate about science, which filters into her students. Ms. Bermudez advocates for student success and is passionate about science!”



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