HACLA Leads the Way with Innovative Change to the Shelter Plus Care Program

HACLA Leads the Way with Innovative Change to the Shelter Plus Care Program

Picture 070The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) announced innovative new changes to their Shelter Plus Care (SPC) program, supporting the effort to end chronic and veteran homelessness by 2016. Beginning on  November 1st, HACLA will require that all program participants funded through SPC meet the HUD definition of chronically homeless, and that service organizations connect with their community Coordinated Entry System wherever available.

Though our community’s creation of a Coordinated Entry System was in part spurred by the HEARTH Act mandate of coordinated assessment, the larger motivation of Home For Good stakeholders was an acknowledgement that our maze-like system has been too cumbersome for our most vulnerable homeless neighbors to successfully navigate. Coordinated Entry will ultimately enable us to quickly link every homeless person in our system with the permanent supportive housing that best meets their needs. 

HACLA has been an integral part of building this system, alongside other public and private funders and services and housing providers across the region.  They have been a strong partner of Home For Good since its inception and continue to create policies and priorities that thoughtfully serve all homeless populations, including the hronically homeless.

The change in requirements came as a product of HACLA’s continued commitment to provide housing for our most vulnerable populations. This commendable step, changing SPC requirements, is the beginning of continued integration of these systems changes into the fabric of our sector’s resources.  HACLA is active in helping to create a sustainable system, and committed to not only the process, but also the implementation of change for the betterment of our community and all its residents.

For more information on the Coordinated Entry System, please visit "Skid Row Pilot"

For an overview of the definition of chronic homelessness, visit www.caction.org/homeless/documents/DefinitionOfChronicHomelessness.pdf


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