Hedyeh Golshan

Hedyeh Golshan is a 4th­5th grade Special Education teacher at Wadsworth Elementary in South Los Angeles, where she teaches students with moderate to severe Autism.

Hedyeh has taught special education for the past five years and holds two teaching credentials and a masters in Special Education ­­ she is working on a third credential and second masters in Education Administration.

Hedyeh works with students to prioritize identified needs and adjust their curriculum, while continuing to seek resources and opportunities to further increase their classroom experience. These grants have enabled Hedyeh’s students with autism to receive a classroom full of technology, such as a smart board for interactive lesson plans, tablets for non­verbal students to communicate with, and touch screen desktops.

Many parents have been emotionally moved to see their children comprehend basic communication skills that were lacking but made possible through technology. This year, Hedyeh is the managing chair of the Special Education Department for students with autism on the alternate curriculum.

Principal Myrna Romo at Wadsworth Elementary had this to say:

“The vision Heydeh Golshan has for her students’ future has been an inspiration for us all! Her students come from a high poverty community filled with violence and hardships and this drives her to strive better and do more for the students. She teaches her students pre­vocational skills needed to become productive citizens in our community and ingrates real­life functional skills into her curriculum. Ms. Golshan wrote a grant to receive a class set of computer keyboards so she could start teaching her students office skill jobs such as typing and digitizing documents. The technology in her classroom is helping her student who cannot produce words find their voices using programs like the picture exchange system. They can now form independent sentences using pictures on the computer to express their basic needs, which helps her student finally be heard! Her favorite mantra has always been, ‘When I look at all my students, I see their abilities and not their disabilities! This gives them an equal opportunity to be part of their communities.’”

Teachers become teachers because they want to make a difference in shaping young people’s lives. We are honoring teachers because of their proven track record in helping all students achieve success. @UWGLA is proud to honor Hedyeh Golshan, our first Special Education teacher, as a 2015 Inspirational Teacher.


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