Home For Good Funders Collaborative: Lessons Learned

Home For Good Funders Collaborative: Lessons Learned

While numerous nonprofit organizations, foundations, and the public sector have been working to address chronic homelessness for a long time, there have not been strategic attempts to coordinate public and private funding for the services and resources needed to address the issue. That changed in 2011 when public and private funders  came together as part of the Home For Good initiative to create a more coordinated approach to funding permanent supportive housing (PSH) for chronically homeless people through the Home for Good Funders Collaborative.


Prior to the Collaborative, providers interested in developing or operating PSH generally applied for funds from a multitude of sources with different funding cycles, priorities, and availability, any of which could obstruct the project. The Collaborative was formed to bring public and private partners together to create a single funding application process, align funding priorities around PSH, and make funding decisions collaboratively.

From December 2011 through March 2012, the Funders Collaborative developed and released its first RFP for $105 million in private and public resources for PSH. Grantees were selected in June 2012. The Funders Collaborative recently released its second RFP and will announced grants by August of 2013.

Abt Associates, as part of a larger evaluation of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s Chronic Homelessness Initiative, conducted interviews with stakeholders in the Funders Collaborative process and reviewed the formation of the group. The results were compiled and used to create a report, which is meant to serve as an overview of the Funders Collaborative and outline lessons learned by participants during the first RFP process. The report provides important information for communities interested in creating their own funders collaborative to leverage public and private resources while streamlining the funding process for PSH.

Download the full report:  HFG Funders Collaborative: Lessons Learned from Implementation & Yr 1 Funding



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