How a Woman Leader Inspired a Student

How a Woman Leader Inspired a Student

MelaniewWomenLeaders“My name is Melanie Alvarez. I am an eighth grade student at El Sereno Middle School. I wanted to thank you because you guys all inspired me to have a reason to stay in school and not give up on anything…”

Melanie shared this letter with United Way’s Women Leaders at their event last month at City National Bank. She also got a chance to personally meet a woman who made a big impression on her during one of United Way’s Career Days: Maria Audero, a partner at Paul Hastings and member of our Women Leaders Cabinet.

In Melanie’s letter, which you can download and read here, she explains that while she always wanted to be a lawyer, she didn’t know what kind until she heard Maria talk about her career as an unemployment attorney. “I want to be known as the girl that didn’t let anything stop her from accomplishing something,” said Melanie.

This is a great example of the power of bringing young women and professionals together. Melanie and Maria, we salute you! To see more photos from the Women Leaders gathering at City National click here.


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