Isagani Celzo

Isagani Celzo is a National Board Certified math teacher at the School of Social Justice at Linda Esperanza Marquez High School. 

Extreme poverty did not keep Isagani from fulfilling his dream of becoming a teacher ­­ in fact, his life experiences in conquering insurmountable struggles inspires his students to persevere and reach for their own dreams.

Advocating for students, Isagani collaborated with three other teachers in founding the School of Social Justice to bring educational transformation in a traditionally underperforming Huntington Park community.

In 2014, through Isagani’s instruction and leadership, theSchool of Social Justice ranked 2nd Best CAHSEE Math scores with a 91.5% passing rate and his students’ 2013 state assessment scores ranked the Best CST Summative High School Math out of 71 LAUSD high schools.

Isagani has earned honors from People Magazine, LAUSD and elected officials.

“The feedback from students are a testament to Isagani Celzo’s achievements in impacting the lives of his students. Edwin proudly proclaims, ‘I can do math, and math makes more sense in Mr. Celzo’s class.’ Daniela says, ‘I now love math, Mr. Celzo makes me smarter!’.Mr. Celzo never makes excuses for his students. He simply refuses to accept failure. He maintains a positive learning environment where students feel safe and never feel threatened or afraid to try. He sets high standards for his students and then executes what is necessary to help them meet those standards.”


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