Katie Rainge‐Briggs

Katie Rainge­Brigss is in her tenth year teaching and currently teaches Social Studies at Augustus F. Hawkins High School.

 She has taught a variety of Social Studies courses, from Advanced Placement Government to World History.Furthering her commitment to help young people claim their academic voice, she works with UCLA’s Council of Youth Research and has coached students in presenting to several policy- making bodies, including Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Katie has also worked on a two year UCLA TIIP grant that engaged youth in critical action research, examining and transforming their own communities through an innovative curriculum that combines the use of GIS mapping technologies, web 2.0 and film media, and a critical and participatory understanding of public policy. Presently she is a member of the Instructional Leadership Team and was a design team member for the Responsible Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship School (RISE).

A fellow colleague and 2014 Inspirational Teacher, Cynthia Castillo, had this to say:

“Katie has had the greatest impact on my instructional practice, how I relate to students, and what I contribute to our school community. Katie is extremely knowledgeable in a range of issues that affect students because she has been part of nationwide research projects that involve students. She has guided many students in becoming active researchers and agents of change ­­ in fact, their work has been featured at national conferences. Katie helped write the plan for RISE at Augustus F. Hawkins High School and continues to play an active role in ensuring that Hawkins becomes a beacon for the South Central community.”


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