LA Youth Vote

LA Youth Vote

Since March, students in the United Way Student Leadership Program have led a movement,  in response to four open LAUSD board seats up for re-election, among their peers, parents, fellow students and community groups to publicize the significance of a strong voter turnout for both the general election in February and run-off election this month. Through a series of  LAUSD board candidate forums, local school voter registration drives and rallies, the determination to increase voter turnout was primarily targeted at encouraging local communities to vote for the LAUSD Board Candidates they believe will raise the graduation rate and promote college readiness for all students in Los Angeles.

“There is no one solution to fixing the inequalities in the educational system, but with building a stronger community of and uniting parents, teachers, and students, we can all fight a fight that is worth seeing. “

-Gabriella, Student, Board District 5

The Student Leaders have registered over 3,000 of their peers across LAUSD for the May 19th general election to have a voice in who they believe would be best for a job that influences and manages a $7 billion budget affecting 650,000 kids and 45,000 educators. After participating in the primary elections in March, the United Way Student Leaders felt empowered to increase voter turnout in local school board elections through on campus voter registration drives. 

Over the course of two weeks, the #LAYouthVote campaign reached thousands of students at over 30 schools. This effort has been supported by Secretary of State Alex Padilla, Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez, LAUSD, the League of Women Voters, iAmerica, Arts for LA, the County Registrar’s Office and the Office of the City Clerk.

Read about the students’ efforts in Sandy Banks’ LATimes Article.

View the results of the most recent election here.

For more information, visit

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