Laura Park

Laura Park teaches Kindergarten at Granada Elementary Community Charter School and has been teaching there since 1997. 

She inspires students and teachers alike to use technology as a creative learning tool in the classroom. Laura has introduced and expanded the use of computers, iPads, and Smart Boards in classrooms as well as established a computer lab for students, teachers, and parents to use on a daily basis.

With limited funding, she has become adept at securing donations for everything from classroom furniture to Smart Boards and inspiring others to do the same.

Principal Cynthia van Houten at Granada Elementary had this to say:

“Laura Park shows innovation in her use of technology with students in the classroom. As she learns of new methods and ideas, she shares them with her teacher colleagues, initiates schoolwide and classroom specific fundraising to purchase these new materials, and provides support to teachers who are willing to try new things. Her students' parents are actively involved with their children's education because Mrs. Park is able to communicate with them daily in a variety of ways. She puts in numerous hours before school, after school, and on weekends setting up computers, classroom projectors, new software, fundraising and teaching our other teachers about the ease and advantages of technology in the classroom. She designed and equipped a computer lab that now serves all 450 students in Kindergarten through 5th grade!”


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