Make sure your community has the resources it needs!

Make sure your community has the resources it needs!

The City of Los Angeles is holding various Consolidated Planning Community Meetings. These meetings will allow communities throughout the city to give input on how Federal dollars are invested.

Each year, the City of Los Angeles receives Federal grant funds to assist in neighborhood improvement. These grants help businesses create jobs, provide job training for adults and youth, improve neighborhoods through projects that eliminate slum and blight, and provide gang prevention programs, affordable housing, services for seniors and people with disabilities, and fair housing. It is essential that these funds be prioritized and targeted in a way that will provide the most benefit to the most people.

Make sure your community’s needs are met! Have your voice heard by participating in your local Consolidated Planning Community Meeting. Once needs and goals are established, they will be submitted to the Federal government in what is known as the Consolidated Plan. The Plan will lay out the long-term vision for our communities.

Make sure to attend one of the scheduled meetings.

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