Maricela Rodriguez

Maricela Rodriguez is an Elementary School teacher at Amanecer Primary Center.

 She is a product of LAUSD, graduating from Belmont High School in Los Angeles. Maricela understands the value of education and as an immigrant from Mexico, she was the first in her family to attend college.

Her experience at the Harvard Graduate School of Education allowed her to reflect on her craft and obtain knowledge of practices to best develop the language and literacy skills of English Language Learners. Maricela is committed to creating a nurturing and stimulating classroom environment for her students. She delights in bringing the written word to life and is a lifelong learner believing in improving her craft through opportunities such as the UCLA Writing project.

Maricela also believes deeply in contributing to her colleagues. Working with the organization BetterLesson and the NEA, she created 142 English Language Arts lessons aligned with the Common Core State Standards for second grade. In making her dreams come true, Maricela wants us to know that "we must dream not only for ourselves but also for our communities."

One of Maricela’s colleagues, Bertha Ugalde, had this to say:

“Maricela received her BA at Berkeley and her Master’s at Harvard­ not an easy task for a young woman in her family to do. Despite the fact that she left for college without support or inspiration she found it in herself and has become a walking textbook filled with knowledge on how to teach language arts to second language learners like herself. She is dynamic and relentless in her pursuit of knowledge and is currently in the process of National Board Certification. Maricela was selected as one of 95 teachers across country to pioneer and develop lessons aligned with the common core standards in English language Arts. Marcela’s 142 English Language Arts lessons have gone beyond her school’s community as they are now available to any teacher and can be downloaded gratis via Better Lesson. As of today more than 200 teachers across the nation have downloaded these lessons and resources ­ ­ that means that at least 4,000 students have been receiving innovative and current lessons by the teachers using Marcela’s lessons designed and developed to improve reading comprehension. I am in awe of the impact Maricela has single- handedly made towards career and college readiness in second grade students.”


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