Marti's Message

Marti's Message

Marti McFall is the National Logistics Systems and Business Controls Manager at Toyota Motor Sales, USA. For the past 6 months, she has been participating in the Home For Good Companionship Program, which connected dedicated volunteers with newly housed individuals over the last six months for support in their transition and a lasting connection to begin their new life. 


photo 2Tell us a little about yourself

I have worked for a Fortune 100 for the past thirty-five years and life has been very good to me.  Throughout my years I have been very passionate and involved “paying it forward”.

What made you join the Companionship Program?

My passion for homelessness amplified when I became involved in an organization that assisted homeless veterans.  I learned of the statistics at that time, which were astounding.  As I’ve witnessed in in recent years, it can be any of us at any time.  To quote my daughter, “we’re all a dollar away”.

How is your experience been so far?

My experience in this program has been extremely positive for both myself and my companion.  We often comment that “we feel we have known one another a lifetime”.  Her life experiences are those of many and being able to make a difference in today is rewarding and a true blessing.

How has the program impacted your views on homelessness?

The program offered fabulous training the first time we convened, providing statistics and behaviors of which I was unaware.  My fear of the homeless and the disorders that are attached to some, has waned dramatically.  It’s amazing how far direct eye contact, a smile and a “good morning” can go.


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