Meet Campaign Associate Donna Hurley

Meet Campaign Associate Donna Hurley

Donna HurleyCampaign Associate Donna Hurley initially joined UWGLA’s movement to Create Pathways Out of Poverty for all Angelenos by participating in the organization’s Loaned Executive Program. Below, she discusses what this unique experience meant to her and the community as a whole.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you decided to participate in United Way’s Loaned Executive program.

I previously worked in sales and contract negotiations in the regional courier industry and as a volunteer health services counselor at a free clinic in Orange County, I met with United Way staff members and participated in grant compliance meetings. I wanted to learn more about how the organization collaborates with its donor groups to support various social services.

In your opinion, what does our mission to Create Pathways Out of Poverty mean for the residents of this community?

It offers the promise of a brighter future: the reality that Los Angeles will no longer be known as the homeless capital of the nation, that high school graduation rates will continue to rise and that financial stability will exist for all Angelenos - not just a small minority. 

Describe a typical workday at United Way.

It includes assisting the Account Executives – making phone calls to donor groups to schedule rallies during campaign season and filling out partner agency tour forms. I‘ve also been stationed at a few United Way charity fair booths to answer questions and register people for HomeWalk, our annual 5K Run/Walk to end homelessness.

What was your most memorable or rewarding experience as a Loaned Executive?

Hearing stories from people out in the field about how our partner agencies have made a positive impact on their lives.

United Way is working hard to improve the overall quality of life in L.A. County with the help of its community heroes. If you were a real superhero, what would your superpower be?

To inspire others to donate, become involved with United Way of Greater Los Angeles and share their passion for its work with others.

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