Meet Joanna

Meet Joanna

Joanna Bomba recently joined our team as a Program Associate. She comes to us from the LA Mission where helped co-lead the CES Skid Row team during the first pilots of the system. She graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego with a degree in Therapeutic and Community Psychology.    

_Joanna BombaWhat are you currently working on with Home For Good?

I have the opportunity to do the loveliest balancing act ever! I spend half of my time working on the budding Coordinated Entry Systems in and around Los Angeles County, and the other half working with the innovative Funders Collaborative.

Why are you interested in working to end chronic and Veteran homelessness in LA County?

The level of collaboration, research, and innovation around ending homelessness is not only exciting, but unprecedented in Los Angeles. I have stellar parents who instilled in us the responsibility to, however possible, help people in need. My mother began working in Skid Row when I was in high school, my sister currently is doing astounding work at Downtown Women’s Center, and on my first day in Skid Row working with the homeless population, I was not interested on focusing 50+ hours per week on anything else until homelessness was eradicated in Los Angeles. For me, it feels deeper than interest; I feel called to do this work.

What is your favorite food?

Yelp and I have a great relationship, so trying to pick a favorite food is like trying to pick a favorite Beatles song. It absolutely depends on the current season, mood or place I have just traveled. This month I have had killer cravings for vegetable green curry and grilled calamari.

What is your favorite movie or t.v. show?

My guilty pleasures are movies about the romance and gangsters of the 1940s, any well done Period Piece, and classic black & white films. But, I sheepishly will admit that my favorite will forever be Joe Wright’s version of Pride & Prejudice. The film score, cinematography, cast and most everything about that movie allows me to escape to a Jane Austen world.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

I would like to possess the power to slow down and speed up time by simply snapping my fingers. Especially in recent years, there were moments that made me want to lasso the moon and others that had me wishing I could give the sun a little push.


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