Meet Singer and Home for Good Advocate Sydney Weisman

Meet Singer and Home for Good Advocate Sydney Weisman

Sydney Weisman's passions include performing and ending homelessness. On Saturday, February 9th,  she will combine her work as a homeless advocate with her love of song by performing "Little Miss Broadway at 70" with all proceeds benefiting Home For Good. For more information on this performance, including ticket options, visit

What do you love the most about performing?  

Gee, I’ve never actually thought about it.  I’ve been performing for so long, I think it’s probably second nature.  I’m not sure anyone who performs can express exactly why they want to do it, but the closest I can come is to say it’s a lot of fun and I’m thrilled to share wonderful, beautifully written songs.  It’s actually a privilege that I get to do this.

Who is your favorite performer and why? 

Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee.  He was the first in popular American music to really understand that the lyrics are the song and give them the weight they are meant to have.  Ms. Lee was a consummate musician who also wrote great lyrics, was a uniquely inventive arranger and wonderful story-teller when she sang.

How do you prepare for a big performance? 

Well, some of that could be trade secrets, but my musical director, Wayne Peet, and I rehearse for hours on end.  That’s actually the best part of performing, rehearsing. That’s where the real creative elements happen.  I’ve told folks that if I never performed again but rehearsed and got to work with the guys for the fun of it, that’d be ok with me (the guys are our jazz band).  Of course, once we had all the material, we’d have to do something with it, so performance is really the gift we get for the rehearsing.

Why are you donating the proceeds from your concert to Home For Good? 

We are very close to Home For Good.  My husband, David Hamlin, has been on the LA Business Leaders Task Force on Homelessness, they created the Home for Good Campaign.  David and I have been involved with the issues of homelessness for many years through our professional lives – if we can help in a small way to change the shameful reputation LA has of being the homeless capital of the country, then “Sydney Sings! Little Miss Broadway at 70” will be all we hoped it will be.

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