Meet UWGLA Loaned Executive Raymond Hunter

Meet UWGLA Loaned Executive Raymond Hunter

The California Department of Motor Vehicles’ Raymond Hunter recently participated in UWGLA’s Loaned Executive Program, doing his part to advance the organization’s core mission of Creating Pathways Out of Poverty for all Angelenos. Below, he discusses what this unique experience means to him.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you decided to participate in United Way’s Loaned Executive program.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice as well as a Master’s degree in Human Resources and I’m currently the Manager of Enhanced Customer Service and Statewide Field Operations at the DMV. As a state employee, I’ve always been a proud UWGLA supporter and I was eager to participate in its LE program.

In your opinion, what does our mission to Create Pathways Out of Poverty mean for the residents of this community?

The CPOP plan demonstrates this organization’s care and concern for the community (and for all of humanity) by mounting a concerted effort to acknowledge and show compassion for others.

Describe a typical workday at United Way.

I never experienced what one might consider a “typical day” here. It’s a dynamic environment which inspires creativity and where things change very rapidly. And while you’re helping others and moving them forward, you’re also reinventing yourself for the greater cause of achieving organizational goals.

What was your most memorable or rewarding experience as a Loaned Executive?

Working with youths who’ve made a commitment to changing their lives for the better and are ready to tackle any challenges which come their way. The entire experience was life-changing beyond belief.

United Way is working hard to improve the overall quality of life in L.A. County with the help of its community heroes. If you were a real superhero, what would your superpower be?

To ensure that everyone has the ability to read and write at the 12th grade level or higher; I truly believe this would make a significant difference in many people’s lives.

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