Meet Zahirah, the newest addition to the Home For Good Team!

Meet Zahirah, the newest addition to the Home For Good Team!

What were you doing before joining the United Way?

My background is in public interest law.  Over the past decade, I have worked on issues related to land use, the environment, and international development.  This work allowed me to share concerns with various decision-makers, from the Los Angeles City Council to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Most recently I did this work through my consulting practice, Sustainable Vision Consulting.  Before that, I was at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, Strumwasser & Woocher LLP, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.


Why are you interested in working to end chronic and Veteran homelessness in LA County?

I care deeply about issues related to poverty and that passion has been a constant thread throughout all of my work.  We have a wonderful opportunity to provide permanent supportive housing to some of the hardest to house and, in doing so, help improve individual lives and our community as a whole.

What are you most excited about in your new role as Program Officer?

Our Home for Good plan is incredibly effective and has achieved real, measurable results.  I am excited to be part of such an inspiring initiative, with a talented team of people who believe in the work.   

Do you have any hobbies that people would find unexpected?

I have many hobbies but will give you just three: (1) I go hiking every weekend in Griffith Park – I love seeing the mountains, ocean, and city in one large expanse; (2) I belong to two book clubs – we read books ranging in topic from mythology to world politics; and (3) I love to travel – my favorite destinations are Hawaii, Argentina, Morocco, and Turkey.    


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