Michelle Youngblood‐Jarman

Michelle Youngblood­Jarman teaches 8th grade at Eagle Rock High School, where she also proudly serves as a School Site Council member.

 Michelle especially enjoys her role as Yearbook advisor, where she sees her student's creativity come to life with real life skills put to work.

She developed an 8th grade language arts curriculum which includes community speakers, parents, authors visits, and field trips. Her students even met Steven Spielberg after a screening of Schindler’s List.

Principal, Dr. Baca at Eagle Rock High School had this to say:

“In addition to being an outstanding instructor, Michelle Youngblood­Jarman is involved in nearly every school activity possible and can be found helping at every school event. When I was observing this teacher, a student was in the hallway running late and Michelle said, "Hurry up! Your education is waiting for you." The ripple effects of this teacher's work are impossible to measure. Her heart, character, and dedication make a tremendous impact to students' lives long after they leave her classroom.”


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