We’re on a mission to permanently break the cycle of poverty for our most vulnerable neighbors: low-income families, students, veterans, and the homeless.

That means tackling the big problems. The ones people think can’t be solved. The ones that require leaders across sectors to unite and design groundbreaking solutions to our biggest problems. And by focusing on education, housing, and financial stability, we can attack poverty at its roots to ensure better lives for all Angelenos.

Our Role

Real and sustaining change requires more than money. By focusing on local, state, and national public policy, we fight poverty’s root causes through the systems that sustain them. We led the fight that resulted in nearly $5 billion in civic funds being dedicated to solutions to ending poverty. Watch the videos below to learn more about our role in the community.

Elise Buik

The power of United Way in L.A. Communities

Chris Ko

How United Way views homelessness

Elmer Roldan

How United Way is improving education

Mark Loranger

How Angelenos view United Way