Patricia Kay Hanson

Patricia Kay Hanson is a Social Studies teacher and the Internship Coordinator for the Community Health Advocates School (CHAS) at Augustus F. Hawkins High School. 

Patricia helped write the school plan for CHAS ­­ a school designed to prepare the future social workers and health advocates of South Central with the skills and knowledge to be college, career and community ready while simultaneously addressing the high rates of PTSD and other major health needs present in the local community.

She helped to design three of the core elective classes at Hawkins High School: 9th grade Geography of Health, 10th Grade Introduction to Social Work and the 12th grade Senior Internship class. Patricia is also the current Lead Teacher for the Instructional Leadership team, Social Studies Chair and the advisor for the Gay Straight Alliance.

A colleague and 2014 Inspirational Teacher, Cynthia Castillo, had this to say:

“Patricia is an extremely caring educator that has an incredible knack for staying calm in stressful situations. Despite the emotional ups and downs of her students, she is always a willing and attentive listener; she goes the extra mile for her students day in and day out. She has developed curriculum that is specific to her school's pathway, has spent hours writing grants to create more opportunities and resources for students. Patricia has exposed students to real world physical and emotional health concerns through her unique and interactive curriculum, as well as her internship class.”


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