Profiles in Leadership: Chip Lightfoot

Profiles in Leadership: Chip Lightfoot

Chip-Lightfoot-and-Kelley-McLaughlin-(3) Chip Lightfoot and his wife Kelley McLaughlin

A commitment to his community. That's what motivates PwC's CPA and Tax Partner, Chip Lightfoot's philanthropic giving. As this year's Tocqueville Vice-Chair, he shares his belief in the importance of humanitarianism, and why he thinks that if we have the ability to help others through time or money, we should.

Why do you support United Way?
My favorite quote is from Eli Broad on the Tocqueville Roster that says "I support United Way's Creating Pathways Out of Poverty because it's a great way to give back.  It's more than any one person can do.  If United Way didn't exist, we'd have to invent it."

The support of the business community and others supporting United Way is truly powerful, and provides a platform for everyone to combine resources and their relationships with government officials to truly make a difference in our community.

Also, stating the obvious, it is just the right thing to do for others less fortunate and should do if you have pride in your community to make it a better place for everyone.  Homelessness for example is anyone's worst nightmare. The circumstances causing it for many is that they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, it could happen to any of us if we lost a job, became sick, or lacked family support.

Why do you think philanthropy is important?
I believe there's an overall appreciation for humanitarian side of life in all of us, and if we have the ability to help others whether through money or time, we should.

What inspires you to give back?
My wife Kelley and I feel lucky with circumstances that allow us to have a roof over our heads and food on the table for our family.  We would only wish the same for others and if we can do anything in my power to help, we want to do it.

What do you want donors to know about the Tocqueville Step-Up Program?
The Tocqueville membership provides a opportunity to give back and to make a real difference, while also feeling part of a Club with the membership all having similar values to help improve the lives of others.  The Step-Up Program is one way to ease into Tocqueville with a three-year commitment of $5K year 1; $7.5K in year two; and the full $10K in year three.  This provides Tocqueville membership in year one and provides the donor an opportunity to be part of a extraordinary group of people that I find rewarding on many fronts.


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