Protect Affordable Housing for Thousands of Our Neighbors!

Protect Affordable Housing for Thousands of Our Neighbors!

United Way needs your help to stop the Community Care Facilities Ordinance, a proposed City of L.A. measure that would eliminate shared housing for thousands of low-income residents.

Although the CCFO seeks to regulate group homes which are causing neighborhood disturbances, it would also effectively eliminate well-run transitional and permanent housing units for veterans, seniors, disabled and formerly homeless individuals.

Official voting on the measure is scheduled to take place soon so please lend us your voice now! Help us reach our goal to present a petition with at least 1,000 signatures to the L.A. City Council.

We believe that in order to restore peace and quiet to our neighborhoods, the City should focus on enforcing and revising current nuisance abatement laws rather than passing a blanket measure with devastating consequences for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Pledge your support today by signing our petition! And if you're a current resident of Los Angeles, please click here to send a letter to your Councilmember - it takes only a minute of your time to make a difference!

Read more about the CCFO in yesterday’s L.A. Times editorial or in Steve Lopez’s column.



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