Rachel Fleischer talks about her movie "Without A Home" and addressing homelessness in Los Angeles

Rachel Fleischer talks about her movie "Without A Home" and addressing homelessness in Los Angeles

In 2004, I began a journey that I knew would change my life, but to what extent I had no idea. Following a deep desire and curiosity that I had since childhood, at 23 I found I was no longer able to contain myself. I needed to talk to homeless people and as many of them as I could. I wanted to hear their stories, look into their eyes, give them love and of course I wanted to help them.

What unfolded was a four and a half year journey around my native city of Los Angeles where I made my feature documentary film WITHOUT A HOME, which was released in November of 2011. WITHOUT A HOME is a personal story told through my eyes as I follow the lives of six different homeless individuals and a family as they struggle to get clean, find homes and simply survive.

But finishing and releasing the film has only been a part of this incredible experience. For the past few years, I have jumped at any chance I could to screen the film in the hopes that I could continue to raise awareness, compassion and get people excited about making a difference.  So when I was approached by Kerry Morrison & Mark Parra, who both help run Hollywood 4WRD, I was of course elated and said yes immediately.

Hollywood 4WRD is an umbrella coalition which includes non profit organizations, local government officials, social service providers and members of faith based communities, all who have come together with a shared goal to end homelessness in Hollywood.  They are housing some of the most vulnerable and chronically homeless people whose lives depend on getting immediate housing.

This coming Tuesday, May 29th at 7pm, we are having a special benefit screening of my movie WITHOUT A HOME at The Arclight in Hollywood to raise money for Hollywood 4WRD’s tenant move-in assistance fund.  All proceeds will go to helping homeless individuals with move in costs as they enter permanent housing and begin to rebuild their lives. Can you imagine moving from a shopping cart to a home for the first time and all the small things you simply don’t have at your disposal? This wonderful and vital fund helps those individuals cover basic expenses like first and last months rent, beds, dressers and other items that make a house a home.

I couldn’t be more honored or excited to be part of this wonderful and hopeful evening. I hope that all of you reading this can join us this coming Tuesday. Please visit Hollywood 4WRD’s website to learn more about the amazing work they are doing and find out how you can get involved. To purchase tickets please click here.  If you can’t come to the screening but would like to make a donation you can do so by clicking here.

Follow WITHOUT A HOME and Rachel Fleischer on Twitter and visit whatcanidocampaign.org to find out more about Rachel's efforts to raise awareness.



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