Renee Fraser, Task Force Co-Chair

Renee Fraser, Task Force Co-Chair

1. Why did you join the Business Leaders Task Force on Homelessness?

My commitment to Home for Good and the Business Leaders Task Force comes from a deep concern about the homeless population in L.A. I’ve lived here for about 25 years and it always hurts me to see homeless men and women asking for money and sleeping in the alcoves. My daughters ask why this is the case and why does it have to happen. I have never had a good answer. In L.A., many of us live a good life, enjoy the community and the surroundings, as well as the diversity of our population.  It just doesn’t seem right that we are the capital of homelessness in the nation. As a business person, I am accustomed to having an impact and being able to measure the results of what I’ve accomplished. I put the same ethos into the task force and I’m glad to say we’re measuring everything we do and intend to have a major impact on chronic and veteran homelessness.

2. How does your background in Communications inform your work on Home For Good?

As a communications strategist my skills in working with the Homeless Task Force have been fully utilized. As we move forward, one of my firm’s strengths is taking complex issues and communicating this in a way that is simple and compelling.  We are doing that with communications efforts behind Home for Good on a pro-bono basis. Fraser created two wonderful PSAs that help build a case for Home for Good.  They will be seen by many people in L.A. in the coming months.

3. You have been a participant in two Chamber Access D.C. trips.  What have you learned from visiting our elected officials in D.C.?

Trips to D.C. are fascinating. It’s a chance to see our government at work. In each of the Access D.C. trips, we have been able to better understand how the system works and how important it is that we have active engagement among business people, social service agencies, and civic organizations. When we all come together and force an issue in Washington, we can accomplish so much for Los Angeles.

4. What was your very first job?

My first job in life was an encyclopedia sales person. I went door-to-door while I was in college and I’m proud to say I sold 10 encyclopedias in one weekend and inked the record. After graduating from USC, I taught at USC Business School and then got a full time job as Research Director at a marketing research firm in Los Angeles.


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