Roxana Dueñas

Roxana Dueñas is a history teacher at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights — the same community that she grew up in.

 In the last seven years, Roxana has taught AP US History, Government and Economics and Cultural Geography. Through an inquiry­based and student- centered approach, she enjoys bringing history to life—making it relevant and hands­on.

This year, she has the unique opportunity to teach and co­create the curriculum for an ethnic studies course titled “Boyle Heights and Me” with an emphasis on community history, student activism and civic and artistic engagement. In addition to her teaching experience, Roxana has co­written a grant for UCLA’s Teacher Initiated Inquiry Project that allowed her and her colleagues to design their own professional development, participate in research and education conferences throughout the country and purchase technology for the classroom.

Roxana is a two­time Gilder Lerhman Fellow. One of Roxana’s students had this to say:

“This educator has opened my eyes into realizing that I could be someone in life with determination. She shows passion, dedication, patience, admiration, potential, and most importantly human spirit. Her passion to see her students become world leaders makes us comprehend and connect with some of the experiences she has lived. Many students in the first 2­3 months of school payed no attention to her because they saw her as really young and unable to handle anything. She then took the courage to question her class about the day by day oppression they faced in their communities and what they wanted to do about it. She knew that we have potential and determination to become guiders for our community.”

A study by the National School Supply and Equipment Association reveals, 92% of teachers spend their own money on classroom supplies, while 85% buy instructional materials for their students. Teachers like Roxana invest countless hours and energy in both in the classroom teaching and outside the classroom curriculum and activities.


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