Sharon Nakata

Sharon Nakata is the Resource Specialist Teacher at San Pascual Avenue Elementary School in Highland Park. 

Sharon grew up attending LAUSD schools and has dedicated over 20 years to a career in teaching to serve and support her hometown. Sharon‘s special focus is identifying and developing her special education students’ strengths. This has taught her that Project­Based Learning is a powerful tool, incorporating special education learning goals through relevant projects and allowing students to take ownership of their learning.                                                                                                             Expanding that learning to the San Pascual student body, Sharon started the 350 Club Honor Society, re­established the school’s defunct Cheer Team, and in 2014 formed a Glee Club and a Recycling Club.

As a teacher leader, Sharon’s passion is environmental education; she is currently in the first cohort of the Los Angeles Audubon Society’s Teacher Training Fellowship. This Spring, she will work with first graders as citizen scientists in the National Audubon Society’s “Hummingbirds at Home” project.

A colleague and 2014 Inspirational Teacher, Lisa Quon, had this to say:

“Sharon Nakata stays long hours after school and spends most weekends attending workshops and building relationships with community members to develop partnerships with organizations, such as the Audubon Society. She is the face of San Pascual! She attends neighborhood watch meetings, researches opportunities for our school, runs after- school cheer and glee clubs. Parents seek her to connect their children with counselors. Families trust Sharon because of her long history at San Pascual and because she makes herself available to listen to concerns. She is relentless in transforming the school. She seeks to improve the school to provide a better education for all.”


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