Spring Workplace Ambassador Campaign Training Workshop

Spring Workplace Ambassador Campaign Training Workshop

On Tuesday, February 23, Workplace Ambassadors from 23 companies gathered at the United Way of Greater Los Angeles Headquarters to gear up for the spring campaign season!

To kick off the event, the Vice President of Development at United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Mario Marin thanked this passionate group of individuals for going above and beyond to support United Way. 


He challenged them to use the “passion question” when making the United Way “ask”-

What would you like to accomplish with your money that would be meaningful to you?”


Workplace Ambassador Trainer, Charlotte Nguyen gave the audience an opportunity to share which pillar of United Way’s Creating Pathways out of Poverty program mattered most to them:  Education, Housing or Financial Stability.

Angela Haslip-Farris, Human Resources Specialist at FedEx Ground delivered a keynote address and spoke passionately about the power Workplace Ambassadors have to make a meaningful difference: 

"Please do not underestimate the profound impact your company can and will make on the lives of thousands.  You are the heroes who realize what many do not:  that creating lasting change requires the collective effort of the entire community.”


Four company experts were invited to speak on best practices that have made their workplace campaigns successful.


Victor Rivas, Project Manager at 211 LA County highlighted the importance of recruiting a strong campaign team and shared innovative strategies for thanking donors.

Steve Cohen, Employee Support Supervisor at Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA) shared best practices for partnering and communicating effectively with United Way representatives to ensure the success of the campaign.

Brian Hardin, Emerging Leader and District Team Leader and Community Captain at Target discussed tips and tricks for educating employees about what United Way does and the impact of their donations.

Sarah Hardin, Vice Chair of the Emerging Leader Cabinet and Corporate Citizenship Manager at Deloitte, shared strategies for engaging employees year-round through volunteerism and special events.

Participants had the opportunity to review their results from last year’s campaign and plan for the year ahead with the help of United Way staff.

Both new and experienced Workplace Ambassadors shared both strengths and challenges within their workplace campaigns.

The Major Gifts Team (Nuka Solomon, Julie Ordoñez, Rebecca Edwards, Johannes Masserer) at United Way discussed exciting opportunities for involvement with United Way’s Emerging Leaders, Women Leaders and Tocqueville Society!


Participants then worked in teams to apply their learnings from the day and created an effective marketing plan for their campaigns.

The afternoon ended with Sofya Preger, a CSH “Speak Up” Advocate and formerly homeless neighbor, who shared a personal testimony that inspired the audience.  After falling in and out of the foster system as a teenager and eventually succumbing to a life on the streets, Sofya never thought she would ever have a place to call home.  Today, she lives in permanent supportive housing and works with the Corporation for Supportive Housing, a funded partner of United Way, to share her story and inspire others to take action.  She opened up to the audience, saying,

Thank you for taking it back to your office and making a difference.



Thank you to the Campaign Team at FedEx Ground!



Much gratitude to the City of Pasadena’s Campaign Committee!



Big shout out to Automobile Club of Southern California’s Campaign Team!


Thank you, PCL for your leadership!



Members from United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ Emerging Leaders Cabinet proudly represented their companies!




Thank you to all who participated in this enlightening day and for your tireless commitment to ending poverty in Los Angeles County!


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