Tammy Bird

Tammy Bird is a National Board Certified Teacher, who has taught all levels of Biological Sciences including AP Environmental Science and Environmental Studies at Crenshaw and Carson High Schools in LAUSD for the past 27 years. 

Currently at Carson High School, Tammy involves her students in many outdoor and environmental experiences: project­based Edible Urban Forest and Sustainability Outdoor lab to school­wide recycling/waste reduction programs.

Tammy also co- founded an international youth entrepreneurial program, “Food From the ‘Hood.” She continues to broaden her knowledge base and experience with environmental education, as well as STEM programs, which manifest its benefits into her classroom curriculum.

Tammy is also the lead faculty member for the Environmental Science, Engineering, and Technology Academy serving over 500 students.

A colleague had this to say about Tammy:

“Ms. Bird is an outstanding educator who is always going above and beyond for her students. She is a caring professional who works tirelessly to make sure that the students are ready for the world when they leave her classroom and the Environmental Science, Engineering and Technology Pathway. She is inspiring. She has extensive knowledge of science subject matter and encourages the children to learn more about environmental science through the schools garden and several out the classroom excursions including a trip to the Teton Mountain Range in Wyoming ­­ an exploratory educational experience that exposes children some who have never been further than downtown LA.”


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