United Way and HACLA Enlist Volunteers to Aid Homeless and Low-Income Families

United Way and HACLA Enlist Volunteers to Aid Homeless and Low-Income Families

In collaboration with the Housing Authority of the City of L.A. (HACLA), United Way recently recruited a group of local volunteers to help homeless and low-income families secure affordable private housing.

With a current waitlist of more than 7,000 applicants, HACLA’s Section 8 Housing Assistance Program provides qualifying applicants (based on income level and other criteria) with much needed vouchers to subsidize the cost of their monthly rent.

To partially offset the impact of federal funding cuts, more than a dozen newly trained HACLA volunteers will fulfill various administrative tasks, offer translation services and most importantly, work closely with clients to apply for Section 8 housing vouchers.

According to HACLA’s Section 8 program director, Peter Lynn, United Way’s continuing efforts in volunteer recruitment and other areas have created a win-win situation for all parties involved.

“These volunteers are making a selfless commitment, one which we believe can be very rewarding and bring them a great deal of satisfaction,” he said. “As for the most vulnerable families in L.A. who will now be able to maintain their housing, it means just as much because it shows them that they matter to the broader community.”

“Our partnership with United Way has really extended the reach of government programs and ensures that both of our organizations can better serve homeless and extremely low-income residents by affording them the extra time and attention they need.”

*Above, staff members from United Way and HACLA conduct a volunteer screening interview.



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