United Way Community Hero, Patricia Hausknost

United Way Community Hero, Patricia Hausknost

Aside from being a Senior Vice President at Los Angeles-based City National Bank, Patricia D. Hausknost is currently serving as Chair of UWGLA's 2012-2013 Women Leaders Cabinet. Below, she explains why she's been such an avid supporter of the mission to Create Pathways Out of Poverty and so much more!

Q: In your opinion, what does United Way's mission to Create Pathways Out of Poverty really mean for the residents of this community? Why is its approach unique?

A: United Way differentiates itself by identifying the issues most pressing for L.A. County - specifically homelessness, education and financial stability. By acting as a catalyst for change and working with the public, private and nonprofit sectors, the organization can effectively move these issues forward towards a solution.

Q: Please describe your involvement with UWGLA’s Women Leaders – a group of influential businesswomen who are dedicated to helping those in need.

A: I’ve served on the Women Leaders Cabinet for the past five years and I have been a United Way contributor for decades. I was honored to take on the role of Chair in June and since that time, I’ve been meeting with other Cabinet members to learn more about them, their views and what they’re passionate about. We are working closely with United Way staff to develop plans for 2013 which will be announced very soon!

Q: How has becoming a WL member changed your perspective on the issues L.A. is currently facing?

A: Even though I was generally aware of the work United Way was doing, it was not until I became involved with Women Leaders that I truly appreciated the magnitude of the problems L.A. County is dealing with. I am now armed with information that allows me to speak confidently on the subject and act as an advocate for the organization’s core mission.

Q: How has your company, City National Bank, supported United Way's efforts to improve the overall quality of life for all Angelenos?

A: Our CFO, Chris Carey, serves on UWGLA’s Corporate Board of Directors and my husband Michael is Vice Chair of its Tocqueville Society Cabinet so along with myself, City National Bank is very well-represented at United Way! Giving back is deeply rooted in CNB’s culture and my colleagues continually demonstrate their generosity and support of all the communities we serve through their financial contributions and gifts of time.

Q: What can successful local businesswomen like yourself do to help end homelessness, increase the graduation rate and ensure the financial stability of hardworking families?

A: Financial support, advocacy, volunteering, mentoring – any and all of these are greatly needed and appreciated!

Q: HomeWalk 2012, the Sixth Annual 5K Run/Walk to end homelessness, will take place on Saturday, November 17 at Exposition Park. How will the Women Leaders group be represented at this year's event? Would you encourage others to participate and why?

A: Many of our Women Leaders will be walking with their companies that day and we encourage all of them to stop by the WL HomeWalk booth to pick up a visor! It will be incredibly inspiring to see so many people participate in an event which not only raises funds to end homelessness but also raises awareness of the issue. Most are shocked when they hear L.A. is the homeless capital of the nation and that a large percentage of homeless individuals are women, children and military veterans. This is a problem that we can and must solve for the future of our community.



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