USC Public Policy Students Offer Input on How to Increase the Graduation Rate

USC Public Policy Students Offer Input on How to Increase the Graduation Rate

Graduate students from USC's Price School of Public Policy recently presented the findings of a year-long research study entitled, "Reducing the Dropout Rate in LAUSD: A Community Capacity Approach" to United Way staff members.

The project was designed to help expand and inform the organization's current initiatives to improve the public school education system by posing key questions such as:

  • What are the most effective models being used locally to increase graduation rates, particularly at schools located in impoverished areas?

  • How should United Way identify and leverage existing community assets to advance its core mission to fully prepare every student for both college and career?

  • What is the relationship between high-poverty neighborhoods and failing public schools in both the City and County of Los Angeles?

As far as USC student Brent Tercero is concerned, the answer to the last question is abundantly clear.

"Poverty is so pervasive - the problems it causes spill over into every aspect of life, including education. We've found that the majority of high-performing schools are in fact located in high-income areas. However, there are a number of ways United Way and its partners can build upon existing social infrastructures to strengthen local communities and empower them to address their greatest needs. That's the secret to increasing graduation rates across L.A."



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